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Owning a car is great, but there is a lot of upkeep that goes into it, and one of the most important regular services that you have to perform is changing out your engine oil, and all cars require it. However, not all drivers know why it's so vital to keeping your car running smoothly, but you can read on to learn more about it, and schedule a service appointment with us if you realize that you're in need of one.

How does replacing your engine oil protect your Honda Car?

Oil Changes Get Rid of Dirt in Your Lines

While it seems like weird place to find it, dirt and dust particles enter your engine fairly easily and they remain in the engine oil and oil filters until you change those out. Without regular oil changes, those particles can expedite how quickly your engine corrodes, which leads to some expensive work!

Oil Lubricates Your Engine and Cools It Down

There are a lot of moving parts in your Honda engine, which makes it easy for friction to occur, but that is where oil comes in. As long as you have the right amount of oil, it lubricates the moving parts, cutting down on friction and keeping your engine from overheating, which is an easy way to spend part of your day stuck on the side of the road. Additionally, if too much friction occurs, the engine parts experiencing it can break down more quickly, which leads to more expensive repairs or having to replace the entire engine all together.

We hope that this page was able to convince you of the importance of regular oil changes, and if you can’t think of the last time you got it replaced, be sure to call us today to set up a service appointment.

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